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The only answer to this question is SOONER the BETTER. There is NO APPPROPRIATE AGE or TIME for making a will. NOW, is the right time.

04 February 20211 min read

Why & When, Make a Will?

A short story

Remember, making a Will does not in any way affect your AGE or shortens life, and this is the BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION, which prevents people from making a will. By making a will, you bring peace, love, affection and prosperity to your family. Remember Life is the result of an accident, but death is Certain. So, one must always plan for a certain things.

Under the hood

Do you know that a will is also a part of your PRUDENT FIANCIAL PLANNING? It may save beneficiaries of your will, a lot of money in the form of saving of Court Fees and Stamp Duty, and their life may become easy.

Next up — Draftbox Editor

Will is an opportunity for the TESTATOR (maker of the will), to give his properties (moveable or immovable) to the right people for the right reasons.

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